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You can't buy your way to the top. Relying on a cute domain and hoping for type-in traffic is a waste of money. You'll spend thousands of dollars on, when real customers are typing "discount widget" 75 pixels to the right of the address box, and clicking on the firm who actually SEARCHES well for the term.

You can target the narrow niche effectively. Customers will generally refine a search until they get the answers they need. When was the last time you Googled "car" or "airline ticket"? These big words are highly competitive, but they're of low real-world value. Instead, as a niche player, you can own the more detailed "small words" where searchers actually begin to dive into the results.

Why Search matters

Self-selection drives the best results. A search customer says "Asus 1000HE battery", not "battery". The search engines want to deliver him the most accurate match, so by building a page about one specific battery, you can rank very well for the specific phrase. The visitor arrives directly at a product, saving time and hassle, and you enjoy a better ranking and higher conversion rate. Everyone wins.

Search lets you build permanent rankings. Once you're established in a top search position, it takes a significant amount of effort to remove you. All you need to do is perform a little maintenance to stay competitive, and other firms will find it very difficult to take away a solid #1 ranking. This lasting value can't be had in any other media.

More traffic. Higher conversions. And all without having to constantly spend on media which is forgotten the next day. With search it's all possible. However, to harness the power of search, you need an expert team behind you. Web-Op is that team.

SEO Solutions

At Web-Op, we have years of experience working with search engine optimization. We're constantly monitoring the major search engines, studying how they work and what impacts their results, so we can give our customers better answers and more control over their search positioning. Check out some of our research or blog articles to see how we work to keep you on top.

Searchability is not a "pixie dust" you spread on a site after it's done. Web-Op knows a site should be built from the ground up to search well, from SEO-friendly web design to back-end development. The right structural decisions make optimization easier and more effective.

Recommended SEO Tools

  • Adwords Keyword Volume Estimator - this tool provides a moderately reliable gauge of keyword search volume. As with all of Google's tools, you can't necessarily trust the data - but reliability has improved of late.
  • Google Places - Add/manage your business listing on Google Places for free.
  • Web Sniffer - check out server response codes to make sure your site is using SEO-Friendly 301 redirects where applicable.
  • SEO Ranking - a convenient iPhone app that lets you check your rankings across a variety of search engines and locales. Also allows for easy data export to your favorite spreadsheet or database. Costs $0.99 and is worth all 99 of those pennies.

Case Studies

Web-Op's case studies are conducted by experts in the search marketplace, and cover the latest Internet marketing and positioning trends. Check back regularly for new studies!

client testimonials

"Web Op is a team of SEO specialists that deliver results. They are professional, responsive, and most importantly, have dramatically increased our online presence/orders.
The ROI analysis is a no-brainer."

Gunnar Hammerbeck

In my opinion if your considering working with Web-Op you should count yourself lucky that you have even found them. I've worked with a lot of seo companies in the past and none are as good as Web-Op. All the seo companies say they can optimize your website and increase your sales and make you more money, but the guys at Web-Op really do it. My sales and my bottom line have increased month in and month out like clock work. I can't say enough great things about the guys at Web-Op except you want to do business with them.

Dave Schenk
L-arginine Plus™

SEO Articles

Web-Op's articles are written by experts in the search marketplace, and cover the latest Internet marketing and positioning trends. Check back regularly for new topics!

Maximum ROI

Search optimization isn't just about visits. 2010 was littered with the wreckage of firms that had "visits" but failed to make any money. Web-Op works with a comprehensive strategy designed to get you not just visits, but users who engage your site and end up turning into conversions.

We recognize that it's different for every firm, so we do our homework. Before the first page goes live, Web-Op performs the research for each client to ensure that we're targeting the "traffic" words and the "money" words. We then follow site analytics to identify choke-points in the customer's experience and remove them. Finally, we have access to industry-leading analytics and research to ensure we know where your site stands at all times.

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