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Web-Op Call Center

Web-Op call center is your partner in lead generation, sales conversion, and customer service. Assisting clients across dozens of industries, from industry-leading health products to small or mid-sized organizations and start-ups, Web-Op call center provides high-conversion sales and quality customer service with every call.

Conversions, Sales, Quality

Web-Op outbound call center positions their client’s products and services while simultaneously qualifying prospects. Web-Op call center specialists are experts in the following aspects of our clients' sales cycle:

  • Qualifying Leads
  • Closing Leads
  • Generating Referral Leads
  • Up-selling Products or Services
  • Follow Up & Follow Through

Web-Op call center delivers the right message. Web-Op call center specialists have converted literally thousands of leads. They are adept at honing in on what matters most to all individuals who are connected to the purchase of a new product or service. Web-Op's synergistic approach of internet design, marketing, analytics, and goal tracking make our call center that much better. With product information, sales history, and sales demographic information on hand for each product and service Web-Op handles, our call center specialists are well prepared to overcome objections and sell.

Inbound/Outbound Calls

Web-Op not only services inbound sales calls and customer inquiries but also provides customer follow up and outbound sales calls. If Web-Op call center specialists have a lead, it will be contacted and qualified. Web-Op understands customer follow up is extremely important to customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Customer Service

One of the most common customer complaints of the top 100 companies in the United States is the lack of quality customer service, particularly over the phone. Web-Op call center specialists are trained and experienced in handling customer complaints and have a process where resolution is achieved by recognizing the problem, empathizing with the customer, and taking ownership of mistakes. By following these principals, Web-Op’s customers leave conversations satisfied, a key element of customer retention and repeat business.

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