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Krank Golf Case Study

Lance Reader, Owner

"Before coming to Web-Op Krank Golf was selling an average of 5 clubs a month, now we are selling close to 50 a day. This wouldn't be possible with out all of the hard work and dedication Web-Op has, and continues, to put into our website. We have risen to the top of the long drive community and only continue to grow. I look forward to continuing the relationship between Krank Golf and Web-Op expanding our website. A huge "thank you" goes out to everyone at Web-Op!"

The Krank Story

Krank Golf is a company that sells a very specialized golf club on the Internet. This company came to Web-Op several years ago with no web presence. Over the past three years it has grown into a company that now experiences most of its volume on line. Consistent and steady growth has been the story behind this site. Pay close attention to the total number of visits but more importantly the quality of visits over the past months and year.

It is a good idea to compare numbers from year to year when possible. There are several determining factors when evaluating a sites performance. Websites have several variables, a golf club site can be effected greatly by weather, holidays and economy.

On this case study we compare the numbers from January 22, through February 21, 2007 to the numbers from January 22, through February 21, 2008. The total visits increased 15.82% giving the site a total of 1711 more visits during that time period this year.

Visits are important to a site but the quality of those visits is even more important. Pageviews is the total number of pages viewed on your site and is a general measure of how many pages each visitor goes to. The more pages a visitor goes to the more interest each visitor is in the content the site offers. As you notice visitors visited 137% more pages this year than they did last year during the same time period.

Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page visits (i.e. visits in which the person left your site from the the same page he came to). Bounce Rate is a measure of visit quality and a high Bounce Rate generally indicates that site entrance (landing) pages aren't relevant to your visitors. If a person puts into the Google search bar "krank golf clubs", Krank Golf would come up first and when you visit the site you would find pictures and articles pertaining to the sport long drive and one of the most popular long drive clubs in their business.

"krank golf club" sent 125 total visits

Each word is studied and targeted for visits. Once the visits come these words are evaluated and effort is spent on the phrases and words that show the highest conversion rate. Tracking conversion rates over time is an effective way of determining whether your marketing and website are becoming more or less efficient at turning visitors into customers. Note that conversion rates are most useful as company-specific benchmarks against which to assess marketing and site effectiveness because conversion rates vary considerably across businesses.

The graph shows overall trends from this keyword. During the month of January, this word brought 125 visits to the site and from those visits made 6 transactions totaling $1,890.89. This word gives us a 4.80% conversion rate. (This means for every 100 visits we sell 4.8 golf clubs.) From here we also know that every visitor is worth approximately $15.13. This is a good phrase that we will continue full effort to receive top ranking for.

The Bottom Line

Nothing matters more than the customer's satisfaction.

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