Case Study

Pinnacle Security Case Study

Pinnacle Security is a fairly large company specializing in selling security systems. They have a moderately strong traditional-media presence and rely heavily on door to door salesman to sell their security systems. They came to Web-Op with little online presence.

There are several key reasons why Pinnacle Security wanted SEO services:

  • Search exposure is growing even as almost all other forms of advertising are showing diminishing returns.
  • Customers trust search results more than other media, because they feel like they're in control of the conversation, and are viewing a message targeted towards their needs rather than being force-fed some irrelevant sales pitch.
  • Natural search engine rankings are relatively permanent; however, media adds and door to door salesman stop producing new leads once you stop paying.

Website Redesign

When Pinnacle Security came to us for a redesign, they wanted something corporate. Their current site design was a few years old and didn't represent their identity. After case studies and multiple concepts, Pinnacle gave us the go on the approved design below.

When designing the new Pinnacle site, we wanted to keep a corporate, clean and inviting look. Through multiple split testing and input from our design team, we were able provide Pinnacle with an attractive, yet SEO friendly website.

Since the launch they have seen a steady growth in conversion and traffic.

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