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Case Study | Titan Lien Services


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Jill Smith
President - Titan Lien Services
"Working with WebOp has been amazing. At the beginning of the project, I felt secure that they would be able to create what I was envisioning. By working closely with Jack, their lead programmer, I was included each step of the way. The finished product was exactly what my company needed. As Titan Lien Services grew, we were able to go back and add various features to the project. Working with Web-Op had made our office run more efficiently. I don't think anyone else would have been able to do what we needed."

  • Easily process prelien & lien documents for review, printing and mailing.
  • Expanded into Three States
  • Jobs can be completed anywhere
  • Added live customer control
Titan Lien Services is a small organization in Mesa, Arizona, which specializes in the creation and filing of pre-lien notifications for contractors and suppliers to construction. They approached Web-Op in 2007 to build a system to automate their business. Titan had been using a desktop-based software package called Prelien2Lien to generate documents, but the system had limitations:
  • Data entry was bulky and confusing
  • Extensive knowledge of the program was needed in order to use correctly.
  • Work could only be completed at the few PCs with the software installed
  • States and forms could not be readily added to meet their specific needs
  • Their clients had to send requests via fax and telephone.

A Web Application Makes It Possible

By moving her corporate data onto the web, most of those problems are mitigated. A site can be accessed by her entire staff at no extra per-seat cost. Moreover, it provides a single, centralized copy of data. If one of her staff changes a record, everyone can see the new information. Streamlining data entry by reusing stored information saves the staff dozens of hours per job. Her database now has over 30,000 entities from prior jobs which can be quickly called back up, and cities, counties and states can be directly transcribed from zip codes.

Keeping data online also makes it feasible for customers to input jobs directly into her system, and monitor progress and accounting details generated as the tasks work their way through the site. Currently, the majority of Titan clients submit jobs online, saving significant data entry time. Such savings are impossible with a desktop-only application.

Going Out of State

Nevada and California have significantly different pre-lien and lien forms and workflows. However, our system had modularity built-in, allowing rapid deployment of the new state forms. In fact, adding Nevada took less than one month.


As Titan's out-of-state business grew, it became important to be able to integrate mailing systems. They regularly process dozens of lien documents requiring special mailing. Web-Op set the system up to generate special envelope stuffers with the correct barcodes for special USPS services, and also records of mailing for her business and for direct submission to the USPS online. To successfully submit these stuffers to the USPS required a certification of our application's output quality and conformance with rules.


Titan has taken their business into medical liens. Due to the dramatically different data and processes, these were built as a parallel system, shaped to fit medical needs. Our strategies of modularity did permit a far faster time to live, and a familiar interface for their staff.

Bottom Line

Web-Op's developmental skills have allowed Titan Lien Services to expand their business, save labor, and fulfill their specific needs far better than any off-the-shelf system can.

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