Case Study

Vital Solutions Case Study

Jeff Dana, Owner

"Web-op has done amazing things for business at Vital Solutions MD. We first started working with them just to optimize our web-site. They did some great link building for us and moved us up in the organics on Google. This got our phones ringing more often.

Because of that great work we started having them manage our ad-clicks. Organic and Pay-per-click combined to get us more business off of the internet. Now we are having them build us a new web-site. We are confident that by working with them step by step our business flow has increased, we are better able to track what is happening, and it will continue to improve.

Not only have they done great things for us, but their customer service is amazing. They are prompt in responses. We've met face to face and told them about our business. They ask probing questions so that they know the best direction for our internet marketing. They present their ideas, but are open to incorporating the ideas we have and then work with us to tweak those ideas so that our business will benefit.

It takes a great company to foster loyalty in their clients. Web-op has done a great job earning Vital Solutions MD's loyalty. Thanks for your great help!"

Local SEO + Traditional Organic = more sales

Vital Solutions MD is a wellness company with offices in Mesa and Scottsdale. They help people combine hCG with a customized diet, nutritional counseling, weekly weigh-ins, exercise counseling, and medical supervision to facilitate rapid weight loss. They understood people were looking for their services online and wanted to show those who were actively looking for a medically supervised hCG weight loss program to see what they had to offer.

"Web-op increased visibility in local & traditional search"

Local SEO

Not only was it important to draw traffic from searches like "HCG Arizona," it was important to allow customers looking for a local physician in their area. Web-Op understood people want a physician close to their house. As you can see Web-Op has been able to optimize both local search and traditional organic. Below you can see that Vital Solutions ranks number one for "HCG Mesa" and "HCG Scottsdale."

Continual Growth

Vital solutions started out getting 240 visits a month. Through both on page and off page optimization Vital Solutions has been experiencing continual growth throughout the last year.

Month 12/2008 3/2009 6/2009 9/2009 1/2010
Visitors 240 2,685 3,101 3,682 5,088

Client Testimonials
Web-Op is proud of success!

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