Femininity Case Study


About The Company

SIBU™ is a successful multi-level marketing (MLM) company that offers a high-end line of health & beauty products, as well as supplements. They came to Web-Op to help develop a product for e-commerce after receiving overwhelming feedback that one of their products had a powerful side-effect;
relieving vaginal dryness.

While SIBU™ is a power-house in the MLM space, branding a women's supplement for direct sales to the public was outside of their sphere. As a result, SIBU™ dispatched Web-Op to design and develop a premium vaginal dryness supplement. Femininity™ was born.

Project Objectives

  • Design attractive packaging that separates brand from competitors and gives a premium look.

  • Develop an e-commerce platform for selling product to SIBU™ online customers.

  • Provide device accessibility through responsive web design. Seamless desktop to mobile viewing.

  • Improve organic search engine optimization (SEO) search results and boost overall conversion rate.

  • Market website and locate source of traffic that produces a return-on-investment (ROI).

  • Connect with affiliates who receive website visitors who fit the product demographic

  • Design and develop all marketing material from web, business cards, flyers, handouts, email signatures, email blasts, etc.


  • Brand Positioning

  • Content Strategy

  • E-Commerce

  • Mobile Accessibility

  • Marketing Channels

  • Precise Analytics

  • Website Design

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Packaging Design

  • Social Media Platforms

  • Custom Cart

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Packaging Design

Having decided on a logo, name and marketing plan, the packaging was the next important phase of the design process. The packaging helps define the brand and will be used on multiple media platforms. The packaging consisted of a carton box and a top peel-off label.
Traffic Growth From Zero to Over
Product Revenue from $8K a month to
Conversion Rate Over 4 months grew from
1% to
After developing the e-commerce website and with the help of analytics, Web-Op identified traffic sources that produced a return-on-investment (ROI) and grew the company from 0 visits...

To over 4,000 visits - in just 7 weeks!

Once traffic sources were identified, split testing began.

"Always Be Testing."
We constantly tested every aspect of the website, from content to design.
Some examples of what was tested include the following:
Top Banner Images
We drove traffic to pages with a young attractive woman, an older woman looking at the bottle, an older couple looking at the bottle, a couple looking away, and more.
We tested messaging focusing on the sea berry and messaging focusing on Omega-7.

After our testing, conversion rates nearly