GT Throne Case Study

About The Company

The GT Throne is a high-end gaming chair, targeted towards PC gamers, featuring technology developed by TremorFX™. TremorFX™ technology has been developed by RedSeat Entertainment, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Endevor Capital, an investment group created in 2008. TremorFX™ technology consists of a proprietary, patent-pending technology which will revolutionize the entertainment experience in theaters and gaming alike.

Project Objectives

  • Design attractive packaging that separates brand from competitors and gives a high-end look.

  • Develop an eCommerce platform for selling product to their online customers.

  • Provide device accessibility through Responsive Web Design.

  • Product development and means of sourcing through China.

  • Market website and locate sources of traffic that produce a return-on-investment (ROI).

  • Develop communities via social media to increase brand reach and create new marketing audiences.

  • Design and develop all marketing material: Business cards, flyers, handouts, email signatures, emails, etc.


  • Brand Positioning
  • Content Strategy
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Product Sourcing
  • Marketing Channels
  • Analytics
  • Website Design
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Custom Cart
Technology · Branding · Packaging · Website · Social Media DESIGN
Demo of Gamer Throne technology
Brand Identity
Other Gamer Throne logos

Brand Logo

The GT Throne logo and icon was founded after several attempts to communicate what we felt captured the Gamer Throne brand. Next, we deciphered what colors would be most attractive to the consumer in our industry, while making our brand unique and identifiable.

Final Decisions & Fonts

Working with such a powerful audience like gamers, Web-Op design experts found an interesting hurdle in terms of a need to 'fit' into the gaming vertical, while upholding the high-end minimal brand aesthetic. Our designers sought to consolidate these two directions by carefully selecting fonts, brand colors, and design presentation.
Questionnaire Sample

Audience Feedback & Questionnaire

In addition to general market research, this project demonstrated a need for actual consumer research, especially in terms of product development. To accomplish this, Web-Op developed a market survey directed at gamers. Using channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, Web-Op was able to push the target audience to fill out the questionnaire with a carefully selected 'hook'.

Some interesting data was acquired:
  • 45% used PC as their primary platform of gameplay, while 51% marked PC as their secondary platform.
  • 71% would pay more for a 'real life sound experience' in a gaming chair.

No Shame No Game & Entertainment Wiz

PC Gamers, as a market audience, show an overwhelming presence in online communities via social media, blogs, and forums alike. Equally, PC gamers display a tremendous amount of engagement and participation in their topic or vertical. Because of this, Web-Op sought to create new communities that could be leveraged into buyers of the Gamer Throne chair. Through social media platforms such as Facebook, Web-Op found that these communities offered very inexpensive means of audience growth. Fopr instance, a small marketing budget for NSNG of $100 netted 2,000 real followers in our target vertical via Facebook Ads.

Chair Technology & Design

Through our sorucing department, we began by identifying the most popular styles of chairs. Then, began outreach into China to see what chair designers and facotries could deliver the best chair to suit our needs on each technical aspect. This included not only the build of the chair, but the TremorFX technology, PCB & Transducer.

Product Sourcing

Once we got our quotes from our top selected companes, samples were ordered. Then, the sourcing team, project manager, and TremorFX team visited the factory to check quality of the merchandise and verify their capabilities. This trip was also to confirm goals and expectations of the product.