Web-Op Curriculum Vitae



MEMBERS INCLUDE: David Bailey (CEO), Ryan Underdown (Marketing Director), Tyson Bailey (SEO Director), Jack Zeal (Development Director), Tom Jacobsen (Design Director), Nicole Barney (General Manager)
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We are more than a typical marketing agency. While most agencies take on only established businesses, eager to extend or refresh a brand, we create businesses from the ground up. Our team can take you from initial product design and business plan, to retail packaging, to polished, responsive website and full multi-media marketing campaign.


Our team features an array of experts in their fields. At Web-Op, we don't rely on all-purpose "webmasters" with a narrow knowledge of programming, design, and marketing. You get an expert in each of these fields, with the solid team dynamic that comes from years of successful collaboration.

Web-Op also employs experts in overseas sourcing, package design, and social media. This ensures that if you need a full rebranding, or even a product to sell in the first place, we can help you get it to market.

We are not afriad to do our own work. When you start talking with other agencies, you'll find many of them are wedded to specific platforms and technologies. If the functionality you need is unavailable as a snap-in module, you'll never be able to get it from them. If you need something truly custom-- whether it's talking to an unusual payment processor, generating customized documents, or a full customer-management database that structures data the way your company needs it-- we can build it, and often in a faster and cleaner manner than other developers.


  • Branding, Logo Creation, and Print Needs
  • Extensive Packaging Design Experience
  • Custom Web Development
  • Customized Templates and Extension of Off-The-Shelf Software
  • Social Media Management
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Product Sourcing