Auto Glass Guru / Windshield Guru

COMPANY NAME: Windshield Guru / Auto Glass Guru

ESTABLISHED: September 2009

PARTNERS INCLUDE: Jace Green, Mountain Mobile Auto Glass

Mountain Mobile Auto Glass was a windshield repair operation in the Snowflake, AZ area. Its operator, Jace Green, was able to partner with Web-Op to build a system that allowed them to solicit, dispatch, and earn revenue on jobs sent to over a thousand shops in all fifty states.


Rather than depending on their local brand, we developed a new national brand: Auto Glass Guru. People want to find providers in their neighborhood. Therefore, we built a database which allowed visitors to find a page specific to their city and state, listing the names of local shops. This allowed us to capture a wide range of search rankings and get solid traffic.

However, the other big draw is immediacy. Many competitors-- even far bigger ones-- would not offer a completely online quote and order process, instead forcing customers to call a local location or wait for a followup email to get an exact price. We partnered with Mitchell, producer of the standard auto glass catalogs, and Pilkington, a leadning glass manufacturer, to build a live pricing system. The AGG staff can dynamically adjust pricing at a part, region, or vehicle level to ensure profitability on every job.

Finally, we tied this system to a full-fledged dispatch system. Rather than simply collecting lists of email reciepts and calling shops by hand, the AGG staff can handle the full job lifecycle from a comprehensive back-office. Faxable work orders are generated automatically, and the shops can log in to confirm the completion of work. As jobs move into different stages, their costs and revenue are tracked in a series of reports, and can be exported into offline accounting packages.

Auto Glass Guru was also able to present a uniquely compellin gargument for their affiliate shops, to keep them in "orbit". Our system allowed for quick, easy development of custom pages that would give these dealers-- often single-man shops with no web background-- a page with full quoting and selling possibility. Moreover, tying into their dispatch system allowed them to benefit from the network's combined buying power, letting them get glass cheaper than if they ordered it themselves. This ensures a solid, long-term relationship with their shops. In fact, some shops have switched to exclusively contracting for AGG jobs.

  • Integration with third-party data feeds
  • Secure Credit Card Processing
  • Custom hosting and caching server setup
  • Custom-designed front end and bulk landing page generator
  • Full back-office development
  • Reporting