Vitamin D3 Cream

COMPANY NAME: Vitamin D3 Cream



Vitamin D3 Cream is a vitamin D3 cream. For pennies a day, one pump provides 10,000 IU's (International Units) of Vitamin D3 cream.A


We begin our efforts during through the initial stages of product packaging and logo design.

After creating a well packaged and well branded product we began product marketing. Our marketing strategy consisted of 2 avenues of focus: website design and development and Pay-per-click advertising.

Website Design & Development: We went through several iterations of the website, each offering different designs as well as differing calls to action, product comparisons and product presentation.

Pay-per-Click Advertising: Our primary focus with PPC advertising has been through Google. By using Google AdWords we were able to employ text, display, and retargeting to direct attention and achieve sales through whatever online medium most appealed to clients.

Key to the success of PPC advertising is PPC Landing pages: single pages emphasizing Vitamin D3 Cream that we then pointed web traffic to in order to capture conversions from relevant visitors.Web-Op handled product packing, product design, website design, website development, and internet marketing for this product. The overall design highlighted compelling before and after photos and described the science behind the product. The checkout process pushed people to purchase 3 or bottles at a discount, pushing the average order size up, and helping pay for the cost of advertising. Both SEO and Paid advertising pushed the sales of this product. Re-marketing and email marketing also helped increase sales after the initial launch of the product. Web-Op constantly worked to develop the reputation of this product by providing discounts to customers who sent in video and written testimonials.

  • Customized Landing Page
  • Product and logo design
  • Cross-Sell Offering
  • PPC marketing