Elements Of Health

COMPANY NAME: Elements of Health, LLC


PARTNERS INCLUDE: Hungli Kuo, Jim Giles, Richard Lu
DOMAINS: www.elementsofhealth.us
LINK: http://www.elementsofhealth.us/

Elements of Health set out to be the gateway of bringing high quality U.S. products to worldwide markets. Elements of Health has been very successful in the China market and is frontrunner in bringing new US products into China and adapting them to the market. Currently, Elements of Health has built strong partnerships and distribution channels throughout China and other world markets. This allows Elements of Health to introduce new and existing products worldwide so that worldwide consumers can enjoy the same high standard of quality products that U.S. consumers have available.


Our work with Elements of Health has been three fold...

  • (1) Market Opportunities - Taking existing high quality products that we had developed a brand image for and had sales success in US markets and transfer them over to markets outside of the US for sale.

  • (2) Adaptation - We would adjust products to meet cultural and market demand for outside the US which would include change in designs, logos, websites, and marketing material to substantiate to be more favourable to local appeal but still show the quality of being a US product.

  • (3) Innovation - Adapted and found new products that were in demand outside of the US and worked with product formulation, sourcing, design, and marketing materials to create a new product. We would coop in selling the product outside the US but also focus on building an image and market presence in the US.