Equilib Mind & Body



PARTNERS INCLUDE: Allen Webb, Mike Nelson
LINK: http://kingsupplements.com/equilib

The product Equilib was developed to provide mental/emotional wellness to help our customers achieve an improved quality of life...NATURALLY. Our products approach pharmaceutical standards in quality, efficacy and scientific substantiation. The effects of Equilib on co occurring mental/emotional conditions has had a tremendous impact on quality of life for participants and adds powerful reinforcement to the hypothesis that ADHD is frequently influenced by nutrient deficiencies. Equilib is not a drug. It cannot "cure or treat" any disease. It simply provides nutrient building blocks in natural or bio-identical forms to allow the body and brain to regain the self regulation capabilities.

SPINS/IRI determined a total sales figure of USD $994,228,073 for botanical dietary supplements in 2013 — an increase of 9.4 percent during 2012.


We chose to build Equilib atop our proven King Supplements platform. This gives us access to our existing customer traffic, by selling it as an upsell to our existing product, and the ability to roll out quickly, by using the existing checkout and payment infrastructure.

We've also developed the product branding from scratch-- preparing a product logo, packaging, and the landing page on King Supplements to all fit together in harmony. This provides an air of professionalism not available from throwing up an off-the-shelf cart. We followed up with a social media campaign to launch brand awareness. A product like this is unusual-- since it isn't targeted towards a specific condition, it can rely less on conventional search and pay-per-click opportunities. Instead, a social presence, and brand-specific interest, must be built from scratch.

  • Customized landing page
  • Product and logo design
  • Social Media Optimization