Explore World Tours

COMPANY NAME: Explore World Tours


DOMAINS: explorearizonatours.com, exploreusatours.com
LINK: http://explorearizonatours.com

Rather than just building a single website, letting one tour operator sell his inventory, we've built a new paradigm for people who want to sell tours-- both tour operators and resellers like travel agencies and concierge desks. It lowers the barrier to entry for anyone interested in selling tours online.


The Explore World Tours system is built around a unique client-server architecture. Rather than having to store detailed information about tour products and their availability on every retail site, then run the risk of out-of-synch data causing over-sold tours or incorrect pricing, it's all pulled from a central server at the time of a customer inquiry. When a customer is ready to purchase, the retailer's site passes the customer to a secure checkout and payment processing account under our control.

This allows us to easily roll out new sites that can list our partners' tours, while retaining centralized control over the actual purchase. A new site on the Explore World system requires no database of its own, no secure certificate, and can be rolled out in hours instead of weeks of development. This is far less overhead than even the simplest of self-hosted shopping cart systems.

More importantly, it makes selling online accessible for many small or niche tour operators who don't even have a website of their own. They can get an account and list their existing products on the sites usjng the Explore World system, and they automatically syndicate to any vendors they wish who are on the system. We handle the actual checkout and inventory management, so all they have to do is check off customers when they arrive.

Finally, unlike many shopping cart systems, it's been built around the needs and expectations of tour owners. We provide far more flexibility regarding scheduling and pickups than you'd be able to get on a traditional cart, and the ability to offer multiple price classe and relevant upsells next to specific products.

  • XML-based API
  • Custom Back-office for retailers and tour operators
  • Secure payment processing
  • Custom search and sort options
  • Full user permissions, both whitelist and blacklist, for selling tours