L-arginine Plus

COMPANY NAME: L-arginine Plus

ESTABLISHED: September 2010

PARTNERS INCLUDE: Salt Lake Minerals, Big Payout
DOMAINS: L-arginine.com, L-citrulline.com
LINK: http://l-arginine.com

L-arginine plus is a cardiovascular health supplement that was developed to capitalize on the expiration of a patent on using L-arginine to lower blood pressure by stimulating nitric oxide production.


Web-Op developed a high-end website and launched advertising campaigns on Google Adwords in August of 2010. Within 5 months sales were at a healthy $50,000/mo and by 1 year sales had surpassed $100k/mo. During this time Web-Op was able to reduce cost per acquisition 45% by split-testing message across the site and advertising campaigns. As the site’s email list grew and email marketing campaigns were launched, cost per acquisition dropped further - and one day sales topped out as high as $94,000. Web-Op successfully exited from the partnership in 2014 in a sale worth millions of dollars.

International Strategies: Web-Op helped reformulate, redesign, and translate the product into Mandarin Chinese to aid in sales to China. Key team members including Jim Giles, Hungli Kuo and David Bailey helped generate millions of dollars in sales to Chinese consumers

  • SEO
  • Split testing
  • Customized promotions
  • Referral Tracking
  • Cross-Selling Systems
  • International Marketing