Mesa Waste Services

COMPANY NAME: Mesa Waste Services

ESTABLISHED: September 2006

PARTNERS INCLUDE: All-American Waste Services, Inc. Todd Shell and Jay James

When All-American came to Web-Op, they were running a portable toilet rental service centered around Mesa, Arizona. Thanks to Web-Op’s innovative technology, they were able to reposition their business as a national referral service, placing hundreds of toilets through a network of associated contractors.


We migrated them from their original domain,, to the keyword-rich domain We also replaced their dated page with a cleaner, more modern design that offered a prominent call to action, and began to develop a link-building campaign.

As their rankings rose, the client reported that they were getting more and more requests to service jobs outside their own territory. They began to build a network of subcontractors to handle these jobs, and we retooled the site to more directly target this type of job.

Specifically, we developed a system which would allow them to provide a page laser-focused on each of over thirty thousand cities in the US. This page would have customizable text, and also a local selection of contractors, so it would be legitimately relevant for a wide range of regional searches related to portable toilets.

This system was so efficient that it was demonstrated “without a safety net” at a trade show for the portable sanitation industry-- as visitors came to the MWS booth, they could search Google for toilet rental in their home towns, and typically find MWS outranking their own pages.

  • Integration with third-party data feeds
  • Secure Credit Card Processing
  • Custom hosting and caching server setup
  • Custom-designed front end and bulk landing page generator
  • Full back-office development
  • Reporting