No Bush Original Brand

COMPANY NAME:No Bush Original Brand

ESTABLISHED: October 2012

PARTNERS INCLUDE: Lance Decker, Scott Hansbury,

No Bush Original Brand creates superior, advanced skincare for men including shaving creams, moisturizers, grooming sets, hair care, and hair minimizing lotion products specifically formulated for a man's needs. Nothing complicated, just real solutions that provide immediate visible results.


Through extensive market analysis we found that the men’s grooming industry in the US was predicted to increase by 6% in value terms at constant 2013 prices over the forecast period, to reach sales of US$6.5 billion in 2018. The forecast CAGR of 1% exceeds that of the review period in both men’s shaving and men’s toiletries, with the latter expected to do relatively better. Growing demand for higher-priced premium products, slowly expanding grooming routines amongst the young and stylish, and an absence of recessionary shocks to prohibit spending will all increase sales throughout men’s grooming in the near term, according to Euro Monitor. Our complete line of products "No Bush Original Brand" was created to take advantage of this growing demand for higher priced premium grooming products for the "young and stylish" demographic.

Design: No Bush Original Brand logo, packaging, and website design was created to appeal to the growing demographic of Males, 18-35, interested in premium men’s grooming products. The flat black packaging, unique typography and black and white gorilla all appeal to this demographic. No Bush Original Brand also uses suggestive imagery, advertising the logic... if you groom yourself, you’ll be more appealing to women.

Development: The websites created for No Bush Original Brand are developed in html, PHP, designed to work across all devices, platforms and browsers.

Social Media - Facebook & Google+: Social media accounts are created with Facebook & Google+ with each accounting being monitored by a dedicated social media manager. By prompting visitors of the site to Like or Follow these social media pages in return for discounts on products, we have been able to build a following. Weekly posts are created with the purpose of engaging followers to share posts. Using a combination of MEME’s, comedic posts, product facts, interesting related facts, and visual imagery appealing to our demographic, we have built our following.

Paid Keyword Search: Paid keyword search is the gold standard for internet marketing. Search queries allow advertisers to divine intent - and subsequently target search queries that produce the greatest return. Web-Op set up paid keyword search campaigns to market existing search for competitors and relevant search queries for each product within No Bush Original Brand - established at a baseline cost per acquisition (CPA) for each product and continues to improve ROI across keywords.

Display Advertising: Display advertising allows advertisers to bid on much less expensive “placements” across large publisher websites (, that are relevant to chosen keywords. These ads are often more effective when there is high competition for keyword search. Web-Op created image ads and research placements that have a high likelihood of producing a conversion.

Remarketing: Remarketing is a powerful marketing tool that advertisers can use to target customers that have shown interest by visiting the site. Web-Op has set up remarketing campaigns to "remarket" to past visitors by setting a special cookie. This cookie allows us to show display ads to those visitors as they visit other sites across the Google Content Network (any site that runs Google Ads). We then point visitors back to our website.

Split Testing: Split testing is the art of testing website layout, message and call to action to squeeze the most value out of our website’s traffic. The concept is simple: send half of your visits to one page version and half to another, accurately measure the results and put your visitors to work choosing the winner for you. No Bush Original Brand has benefited from the results of split testing. After testing thousands of visits we found a more targeted approach to our landing pages performed best.

Amazon: Amazon is one of the largest online shopping sites in the world. We sell our line of No Bush Original Brand products through Amazon and build it’s page rank by soliciting “Amazon Verified Purchase” reviews and providing relevant product information.

  • Customized shopping cart
  • Product and logo design
  • Landing pages for product launch
  • Legacy code maintenance