Pure Dental Whitening

COMPANY NAME: Pure Dental Whitening


PARTNERS INCLUDE: Dental Support Group, King Supplements
DOMAINS: puredentalwhite.com
LINK: http://puredentalwhite.com

Pure Dental White is a dentist-grade teeth whitening kit offered as an alternative to professional whitening and other expensive teeth whitening kits.


Pure Dental White received a product makeover, meaning a new logo, packaging, and website design were created to build an aesthetic appealing to dentists and patients.

Our primary focus was with PPC advertising through Google. By using Google AdWords we were able to employ text, display, and retargeting to direct attention and achieve sales through whatever online medium most appealed to clients. Multiple Pure Dental White landing pages were created in conjunction with Google AdWords ads to capture traffic and increase conversion percentage.

  • Customized Landing Pages
  • Product and logo redesign
  • Remarketing