Regenis Acne Treatment




Acne is one of the most common skin diseases in the United States. It develops most prevalently during the teenage years and the early 20s. Of the 85% of teenagers (between the ages of 12 and 24) that suffer from acne, 25% will have permanent scars ranging from severe to light. The American Dermatologist Association finds that:
  • 20% of all adults have active acne
  • 60 million Americans have active acne
  • 20 million Americans have acne badly enough to cause scars.
  • Acne is considered a social taboo.
Combine these statistics with the growing popularity of “natural” alternative beauty products and Regenis fits the bill.


Regenis is an Electro-Chemical Activated (ECA) saline solution that mimics the HOCL produced inside our body. HOCL is a natural ingredient of healing that is produced by our white blood cells as a component that works to fight infection and reduce inflammation. Regenis™ is an all-natural, highly-effective solution that is safe to use repeatedly throughout the day, on all areas of the body that are afflicted with acne.Using harsh chemicals to treat acne, whether obtained over-the-counter or by prescription, can sometimes harm your skin more than help. Regenis eases acne lesions and puts you on the path toward speedier healing.

Our packaging design was prepared to appeal to the 85% of teenagers who suffer from acne.

To reach this customer base most effectively, we've chosen to reach them predominantly through social media, specifically, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. A variety of interactive and sharing-friendly content, with a motivational attitude, has been distributed to build brand awareness.

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