Recovery Next Exit

COMPANY NAME: Recovery Next Exit


PARTNERS INCLUDE: Web-Op, David Bailey

Recovery Next Exit is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering services to those who are subject to some form of addiction. Through their blog and social media, Recovery Next Exit has focused on creating a support community by offering inspiration, news articles, advice, and an outlet for addicts.


Since Recovery Next Exit's focus is on building communities through social media, a modern brand, logo and responsive website design were engineered by Web-Op's Designers to create an aesthetic that later draw thousands to their community.

Using Facebook advertising, Web-Op has created a following of thousands that actively participate in the Recovery Next Exit community. At $.20 per page like, this was done at a fraction of the cost of what other pages and organizations spend. In addition to Facebook, other outlets have been used to build a following, such as Recovery Next Exit on Google +. Currently, their Google + has 55 organic followers and over 20,000 views in just a few months.

Thanks to custom designs and a superior branded page, Recovery Next Exit's community has induced 6 personal addiction recovery stories, and many other recovery blogs and organizations to share articles for Recovery Next Exit's use. Becoming a trusted source of addiction recovery, numerous followers have also reached out to Recovery Next Exit for treatment.

  • Logo and Brand Development
  • Social Marketing