PARTNERS INCLUDE: Salt Lake Minerals
DOMAINS: rxzema.com
LINK: http://rxzema.com

RxZema® is a breakthrough remedy for the treatment of Eczema. This special formula contains natural ingredients with the addition of Carrot Seed Essential Oil which is a prime ingredient in skin nourishing remedies. This formula will soothe and deliver powerful effects on dry and damaged skin. RxZema® is an all natural eczema treatment that has been proven time and time again to get rid of that dry, itchy rash that so many suffer from.


We begin our efforts during through the initial stages of product packaging and logo design.

After creating a well packaged and well branded product we began product marketing. Our marketing strategy consisted of 2 avenues of focus: website design and development and Pay-per-click advertising.

Website Design & Development: We went through several iterations of the website, each offering different designs as well as differing calls to action, product comparisons and product presentation.

Pay-per-Click Advertising: Our primary focus with PPC advertising has been through Google. By using Google AdWords we were able to employ text, display, and retargeting to direct attention and achieve sales through whatever online medium most appealed to clients.

Key to the success of PPC advertising is PPC Landing pages: single pages emphasizing RxZema\® that we then pointed web traffic to in order to capture conversions from relevant visitors.

  • Customized Landing Page
  • Product and logo design
  • Cross-Sell Offering
  • PPC marketing