Still With You

COMPANY NAME: Still With You


PARTNERS INCLUDE: Through The Veil, Kristen Lamb

Through the Veil, LLC creates beautiful, hand crafted memorial statues that depict the loss of a loved one: a father, a mother, a child, etc. Through the Veil came to Web-Op to establish a marketable brand, a website that converts, and reach a new consumer base.


Our initial focus was building a powerful, recognizable brand. We suggested that Through the Veil be rebranded with an alternative name, Still With You. Since the switch, Still With You has proven to be more marketable, leading to an increase in brand awareness and consumer relationships.

Recognizing that Still With You's memorial statues have a sensitive consumer audience, we looked towards social media as the ideal marketing platform. By optimizing Still With You’s blog, marketing to Google + communities, advertising on Facebook, and being active on Pinterest; Web-Op has connected Still With You’s memorial statues with thousands of new consumers who appreciate, and participate within the Still With You social media community.

In addition, we designed and developed a clean, smooth website complete with an eCommerce cart optimized for conversion. But with social media in mind, Still With You’s website has been customized to allow a full range of social sharing on all platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, etc. This induces users to share products and other images from the website, creating another avenue to reach new consumers.

  • Customized Payment Systems
  • Social Media Promotion