Surgicon Surgical Consultations

COMPANY NAME:Surgicon Surgical Consultations



Doctors and patients upload their case files,reports, and all other diagnostic studies including X-rays, CT and MRI scans through Surgicon’s easy to use, secure portal. Through this portal, surgeons at Surgicon Surgical Consultations review each case, and provide a detailed opinion of the problem as well as the solution.

Surgicon gives you direct access to experts in major medical centers in NYC for surgical consultations on difficult cases. Surgicon's board certified surgeons personally review patient and doctor cases and provide a detailed opinion of the problem and solutions. Surgicon surgeons will contact doctors directly if there is any discrepancy with the original diagnosis or treatment plan to ensure patients get the best treatment option possible.


Surgicon Surgical Consultation have been built on a PACS server, able to safely exchange information with China and other countries as well as accept payment for the second opinions the site gives. Multiple user levels have been created for admins, consultants, patients and doctors. A java applet was built to automatically scan disc drives on the users computer and upload dicom case files.

Design: Surgicon Surgical Consultations logo, packaging, and website design was created to build trust in it's users and promote the authority of the consultation that are given through the site.

Development: The websites created for Surgicon Surgical Consultations are developed in html, PHP, designed to work across all devices, platforms and browsers.