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SEO Development

Our development team is ready to prepare a powerful back-end to drive your website experience. To build a site which searches well, you have to be aware of URL and page structure, as well as site performance. It's not just about putting information where it's convinient to do so. Web-Op's SEO background is the basis for our development efforts, so we don't have to fix the built-in mistakes some developers provide.

We have years of experience with the industry-standard LAMP (Linux-Apache-PHP-MySQL) software stack, so our applications are easy to host, affordable to enhance, and don't lock you into restrictive maintenance agreements.

Web-Based Apps

Do you want to operate a business entirely through the Web? Some of our more successful clients include firms who have built a referral or advertising business out of our regionally-optimized sites. For a more conventional, off-line business, document preparation firms can manage everything from billing to mailing from our integrated SwiftLiens system.

If you need a single-purpose application, we can do it as well, providing order-tracking systems, event-calendar management code, or simple account-management functions. Any task you say "I wish I can do it from home via my browser" can generally be exposed to the web.

Best Practices...

Over 20 years into the Web era, it's amazing to see how often basic best practices are not followed by developers. At Web-Op, we always build around the principles of modularity and compatibility.

  • Modularity ensures that your site can be maintained easily. Rather than "baking" the navigation menu into every page of your site, we can build it as a seperate module which only has to be edited once to roll the changes out across the entire site. When your site has 200 pages, that's the difference between a $20.00 maintenance charge and a $500.00 one, every time you want to make a change.
  • The web was never designed to target only one browser or device. However, many developers are happy to build a site which only lays out correctly in a few browsers, perhaps even only one or two specific versions. Ignore compatibility, and your site will fall into disrepair with no effort on your part, just because the browser environment changes. Web-Op code is tested in leading browsers and eschews vendor-specific gimmicks, so when the next great mobile device or browser appears, your site rolls with the punches.

Customer Relationship Management

Properly handling every inbound lead is key for any business. Not only does it ensure the maximum value is extracted from the customer, it boosts customer service and satisfaction. This is where a comprehensive CRM system comes into play. By integrating directly with your website, Web-Op can build a system which minimizes data entry costs and errors, while still providing full information about each contact or order. We've built systems offering such valuable features as:

  • Accounting dumps for use with QuickBooks™
  • Time-based breakdowns of leads to audit marketing performance
  • Scheduled follow-up lists for emails and reminder calls
  • Customized sales and order-entry interfaces
  • Referral bonus monitoring

Custom Checkouts

Everyone loves shopping carts, but in many cases, they're a clumsy, awkward way to sell your goods. At Web-Op, we pride ourselves on being able to think beyond the cart, by developing checkout processes specific for your industry's needs. These include:

  • Travel and Tourism sales
  • Appointment Scheduling and Payment
  • Mini-Carts for simpler maintenance

Templates & Customization

We're also comfortable working with some of the leading off-the-shelf packages. Many times, you merely need a custom template, or a few modules installed to fit your business. We're ready to help with:

  • ASP.NET Storefront
  • Zen-Cart
  • Joomla
  • X-Cart
  • Magento
  • Google Checkout
  • PayPal
  • And Many More...

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