Web Development

Website Development

At Web-Op, our developers build around the full spectrum of your business's needs. It's not enough to say "Wow, that's a pretty website" anymore. You have to design a site that's tailored to the needs of your clientele: beautiful, high-definition photography for desktop users, efficient load-times and big, friendly buttons on a mobile phone.

Of course, one of the most important visitors to your site will never see the pretty pictures or layout: a search engine spider. Our sites are designed to follow best practices, based on years of successful SEO experience. Sensible URL structures and comprehensive internal linking mean nothing will stop the search engines from discovering your site's full content.

Development Best Practices

It doesn't cost any more to do the job correctly. At Web-Op we start by asking the right questions-- "What needs to be changeable and how?", "What do your custmers need", and "How does your business operate?", to ensure we build a site that fits your needs.

Some developers love to use "one-size-fits-all" packages. Frequently, it's because it's all they have the skills to offer. Web-Op has experience with a wide array of off-the-shelf content management systems, blogs, and shopping carts, along with the technical background to customize them, or even write our own when appropriate. You're not going to have to settle, just because there's no ready-made WordPress plugin to do exactly what you want.

We also recognize the importance of design for compatibility. Ten years ago, you could get away with supporting one browser on one device. Today, your site is going to be under assault by dozens of browsers, running on a wide array of screen sizes, hardware capabilities, and operating system versions. Well-designed code doesn't rely on special cases and hacks, so it won't collapse the moment someone brings a new phone to look at it. We have the experience and the testing protocols to ensure that your site is robust and future-ready.

Customer Relationship Management

Properly handling every inbound lead is key for any business. Not only does it ensure the maximum value is extracted from the customer, it boosts customer service and satisfaction.

This is where a comprehensive CRM system comes into play. By integrating directly with your website, Web-Op can build a system which minimizes data entry costs and errors, while still providing full information about each contact or order. We've built systems offering such valuable features as:

  • Accounting dumps for use with QuickBooks and Excel
  • Time-based breakdowns of leads to audit marketing performance
  • Scheduled follow-up lists for emails and reminder calls
  • Customized sales and order-entry interfaces
  • Automatic responders and instantly-triggered messages
  • Referral bonus monitoring

Custom Checkouts

While the standard shopping cart convention works well for many merchants, some sites need a customized purchase flow. Event registration, travel, and multi-upsell checkout processes, in particular, become an inconvenient hassle with mainstream carts. Why not build something that more closely fits your needs?

At Web-Op, we pride ourselves on being able to think beyond the cart, by developing checkout processes specific for your industry's needs. These include:

  • Travel and Tourism sales
  • Appointment Scheduling and Payment
  • Mini-Carts for simpler maintenance

Templates And Customization

We're also comfortable working with some of the leading off-the-shelf packages. Many times, you merely need a custom template, a version upgrade, or a few modules installed to fit your business. We're ready to help with:

  • ASP.NET Storefront
  • WordPress
  • Concrete5
  • Ecommerce Templates
  • Zen-Cart
  • Joomla
  • X-Cart
  • CS-Cart
  • Magento
  • Open Cart
  • PayPal
  • And Many More......
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