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You'll never rank without links.

Google was built on Larry Page and Sergey Brin's PageRank - an algorithm designed to find the most relevant results to searchers' queries. PageRank does this by weighting sites by the number and anchor text of links from third party sites. The fundamental idea behind PageRank is that a vote from a third party - disinterested site is in essence a vote for that site.

"Google treats links as votes"

As Google's market share rose, the race was on for online marketers to find ways to manipulate their system. The first major trap was "reciprocal" links -- you link to me, I link back to you. Eventually they evolved into "triangular link exchange" and "link farms"-- all systems designed to subvert the meaning of a link as an endorsement without quid pro quo. Google fought back by being able to analyze the "link graph" of sites, and see when there were unnatural connection patterns. Over the years Google has developed additional mechanisms to judge individual links including:

  • Relevance

    If site a links to site b - but the two are completely unrelated, Google will likely not credit the link (or diminish its value).

  • Page Segmentation

    Links in a site's footer may not pass as much PageRank as links embedded in content.

  • IP Address

    To combat link farmers, Google started checking to see if linking sites were hosted on the similar IP addresses.

In addition, Google started penalizing sites that were obviously trying to break the rules. The fear of penalization is still the most powerful tools in Google's arsenal. They also have provided a tool to webmasters with a "nofollow" tag, allowing a site owner to say that links in contexts they don't control, like blog comments, are not to be taken as endorsements.

Trusting your SEO to a firm who isn't up to date on link building practices is more than ineffectual-- it can be downright hazardous to your rankings.

Major retailers have been smacked several pages back in Google for building link-farms to rank for competitive terms (We're looking at you jc penny).

How can my site safely acquire effective links?

According to Google the best way to acquire links is to create great content that bloggers and site owners will want to link to. This term is called linkbaiting. Unfortunately this method isn't easy for a small local site owner. Additionally, ecommerce sites are especially difficult to automagically get people to link to. People don't want to look like shills, and direct commerce is rarely a source of compelling content on its own. So what are your options?

Hire Link Building Experts

Web-Op has been managing link building campaigns since 2004. We've tested thousands of link building methods and offer a variety of services. Beyond that we report our work via stats.web-op.com - so you are never in the dark as to what we are doing to help your company grow. We are proud to say none of our clients has ever been subject to a penalty - and our rankings results speak for themselves.

Truly manage your links

Web-Op built the world's most advanced link acquisition platform that takes the guess work out of building a strong backlink profile for your website. Keeping link building on a short leash makes our links the most cost-effective in the industry.

Real Time Data

Does your SEO company provide you timely reporting? Web-Op gives you instant access to all of your campaign details in real time. In addition, you can access past reports and download any of your data in a convenient PDF format. Never be left in the dark by your SEO again.

Advanced Reporting

Don't settle for just a vague claim of "230 links built this month." Get down to the details-- exact anchor text, host site, and time of construction. Data you can trust and independently verify. Only Web-Op's link building system offers it, and at no extra charge. Our system ensures accountability and saves us money, so we can deliver a better link-building package for the same price as other SEO firms.

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