Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC Management Services

Pay per click advertising gives website owners the chance to turn an immediate profit from search engine traffic. Google's Adwords and Microsoft's AdCenter each operate on the same fundamental premise: advertisers create ads and bid on keywords they want their ad to appear on.

How We Work

  • Consultation
    You will meet with a project manager to discuss your business and marketing goals.
  • Analysis
    Your project manager will meet with a team of conversion optimization specialists to evaluate you site's content, call to action, and other factors on your website having to do with paid advertising performance.
  • Research
    A team of professionals will evaluate keywords and opportunities for display marketing in your industry.
  • Strategy
    A cost-effective strategy to sell your product or services will be created.
  • Execution
    Your project manager will work with a team of professional Adwords experts in our office to ensure we meet specific goals outlined in our strategy.

Experienced PPC Management

We have long term relationships with our clients and understand the need to produce an ROI. Pay-Per-Click can be a risky game to do yourself. There are some important skills necessary to get it right.

Keyword Selection

It's not about the cheapest word alone, because who really wants to advertise for "purple monkey dishwasher?" The key factor is recognizing what words will actually convert into sales, and which bring browsers, who cost you a click but don't buy. Web-Op can do the research so you buy the 30-cent words with the high conversion rate, not the $10-per-click word with low conversion rates.

Landing Pages

Some PPC networks -- Google's in particular -- will offer cheaper cost per click for sites with tighter relevance to the search term. If your PPC Management isn't building landing pages specific to the keywords you are bidding on, you're probably paying too much per visit. The more effectively you can answer the searcher's questions, the greater your chances of converting that visitor into a customer. As a result a stripped-down keyword landing page will generally turn more visitors into buyers/leads/subscribers than your site's homepage.

Account Management

Don't spend all day watching an account profile, and making adjustments. Trust experienced experts. We manage hundreds of thousands of dollars of PPC spend every month. We provide specific advise that will turn your campaign that's losing money into a long term winner.

Advertising Channels

Search Advertising

You might recognize them as the right column, or yellow-highlighted portions, of a Google search. Here, it's basically a separate set of results, independent of the normal ranking factors. The top results are generally stacked by who will pay the most at a constant "auction" marketplace. In some search engines, you'll find paid listings mixed with the "natural" listings, or even not shown at all. The Google Search Network provides advertisers with the greatest reach of any PPC network as it includes Google, YouTube, AOL, and other second tier search engines.

Display Advertising

By now most people are familiar with seeing "Ads by Google" (now just "Ads" or not labeled at all) boxes on your favorite website. Rather than buying space on a search engine's results, you're buying space on relevant pages. While the sorting is still based keywords, the matching logic is different. Since the customer is not directly providing a keyword, ads are generally matched by a computer analysis of the page's subject matter. In general, content PPC is cheaper since it reaches users who are less actively seeking a link, and matching tends to be fuzzier.

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