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Web-Op recognizes that social media is an important tool in your internet marketing strategy. Social media is your business’s direct gateway to customers and helps your brand stay in the minds of your customers. Contact us and see what we can do to improve your social media presence.

How We Do Social Media...

  • Consultation
    You will meet with a social media manager to discuss your business and marketing goals. This includes potential sales, likes, and traffic to your social media network.
  • Analysis
    Your social media manager will meet with a team of social media professionals to evaluate your market and target audience.
  • Research
    A team of social media professionals will evaluate opportunities in social media.
  • Strategy
    A cost-effective strategy to increase social media interest will be designed to best suite your social meida needs and wants.
  • Execution
    Your social media manager will work with a team of professional social media experts in-house to ensure we meet specific goals outlined in our strategy.

Customer Interaction

Web-Op believes in the value of customer interaction through social media. By posting relevant articles based on specific products and services, you are building trust with your customer base, providing useful content, putting your brand on their mind.

Social media is also an amazing way to gather testimonials. Whether video testimonials or written testimonials with a picture are collected, these can be showcased on your site and further legitimize your brand. By offering a coupon code for submitting a testimonial, you are creating buzz and keeping your customers happy.

Give-aways and contests are also ways to help spread promotion awareness and market to brands within your network.

Web-Op also designs and customizes social media pages, so each page is an extension of your site, making your customers feel comfortable and creating familiarity with your brand.

Our data analysis has shown a higher customer retention when social media marketing is present and effectively managed.

Web-Op Vs. The Competition

ROI and conversions are undoubtedly the most important aspects of any social media advertising campaign, however; that number largely tells the quality of your website or landing page. So what analytics solely indicate the quality of the ad itself? Undeniably, the two most important numbers lie beneath your ad's CTR (click through rate) and CPC (cost per click).

In the figures below, you can see how Web-Op stacks against the competition. Represented are a diverse selection of Web-Op clients' advertising performance statistics: Recovery Next Exit (RNE), Hydroponic Lettuce (HPL), and Iron Chest Master (ICM). Figure 1 is representative of the average CTR, and figure 2 exhibits the average CPC.

What is evident in these figures is that Web-Op holds a higher standard than the competition, greatly increasing the performance of your Facebook advertising. With Web-Op strategies, design, and content generation; you'll see more user action at lower costs.

Disclaimer* Web-Op is not sponsored, affiliated or endorsed by Nanigans or SalesForce.

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