A Checklist for Executive Protection Training

Prior to each executive Protection mission agents should run through a checklist to ensure adequate protective coverage to get their principals. The following checklist can allow you to gain a depth of understanding on the upcoming mission and help you identify your security requirements. The security Atmosphere on your zone of operation was assessed and you understand the best real or perceived threats. The health risk was evaluated to ensure there are no significant diseases or pandemics. The closest hospital working on par with global medical criteria has been inspected and the distance in miles from the executive resort was noted.

The physical security Capacities of the executive hotel has been inspected and deemed safe. The entry airport was checked. The airport and runway was deemed capable of tackling the principal’s corporate jet. Airport safety has been contacted and will take care of the security of the aircraft. The airport crash, fire and rescue personnel and equipment was deemed at global standards. All venues have been checked for safety and security and deemed adequate. The motorcade routes and times are checked to make sure that the principal travels safely and expeditiously. You have ensured that there’s adequate staffing for the mission. The principal’s limo was swept and inspected. Your progress work tasks and report includes possible vulnerable places.

You have accompanied any issues found with possible solutions to corporate headquarters or your boss upstairs. Your equipment was checked and you have included extra batteries for your laptop, mobile phone, or Blackberry. Browse to the site to know more. You have conducted a last intelligence and threat brief. Radio and communication protocol has been established with the other representatives on the detail. Procedures have been established for handling suspicious packages and bomb threats. You have made sure that the rules of participation have been clearly understood by the other agents. Evacuation procedures have been set up at the places and the executive resort. You have a decent number of safety drivers and cars in the motorcade to safeguard the limo. This is not an Exhaustive checklist, I’d explain more in detail but that would occupy more space planned in this brief article. However, am positive you get the main idea of using the checklist for implementing an efficient and effective executive protection program. Keep safe and God speed.