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A guide to Product liability insurance policy

Product liability insurance policy offers security to merchants, makers, retailers, and wholesalers against any legitimate risk emerging out of outsider injury or harm to property brought about by the utilization or utilization of the item sold or provided. This insurance contract assists with safeguarding a business against a legal issue and covers the costs engaged with something similar.

Eligibility for product liability insurance

This approach can be profited by item producers, merchants, retailers, and wholesalers. This is no matter what the reality is, whether the guaranteed item is the eventual outcome or simply a piece of the result. A backup plan likewise stretches out this strategy to the Export Community, which will undoubtedly take product liability insurance policy. Under the item obligation strategy of the insurance, the “Constraint of Indemnity” represents the total protection. This sum is resolved in light of two cutoff points set for every mishap during a specific strategy period.

Companies offering product liability insurance

  1. Grand Trust Underwriters (G.T.U.)

It is an award-winning insurance agency established in 1976. We are a family business with solid business ethics.¬†Grand Trust Underwriters is providing Hong Kong with quality insurance advice and superior services. the agency has four of the world’s largest insurance companies:

  1. ACE Insurance Ltd.,
  2. AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited,
  3. AXA Group, and
  4. Prudential General Insurance HK Ltd
  1. The Hartford

The organization offers responsibility inclusion to organizations in numerous enterprises, incorporating those with a more elevated level of obligation gambles, like makers, wholesalers, merchants, and shippers. The Hartford offers risk-designing counseling administrations that can give direction to assist with lessening chances.


For people who sell products to customers or clients or have a supply chain, having product liability insurance can be helpful. Many industries can benefit from this coverage, whether small businesses or larger companies.