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Are Pricey Commercial Cleaning Companies Worth The Cost?

Commercial Cleaning is an intricate industry, and business owners should carefully consider if it’s worth spending more money for quality commercial cleaning companies. Costs for quality commercial cleaning company near me in Salt Lake City, UT vary considerably, though sometimes more than expected. With knowledge of their industry, business owners can research options and make an informed decision regarding both level of service desired and amount spent.

The total operating expense of a company

The total cost of running a commercial cleaning business is not just labor. There are other elements such as equipment and supplies that go into the equation that may seem insignificant when compared to labor charges, yet still need to be taken into account by business owners when planning their budgets.

If you compare commercial cleaning businesses that charge $30 per hour for labor and use identical equipment and supplies as those charging $45 per hour, the $15 difference might not seem like much of a deal. But in reality, $15 an hour in labor costs for commercial cleaners is actually not that much money at all.

Be sure to factor in overtime costs when considering how many cleaners are needed per day and the additional equipment that must be brought on-site for cleaning tasks. Even if a company charges $30 an hour for labor, overtime could amount to substantial costs.

It was just an example that labor costs for one company were higher than another’s, but this holds true when looking at equipment and supplies as well. A $200 vacuum may seem like a great deal to a commercial cleaning business owner charging $45 per hour in labor, but that same vacuum could take three hours’ worth of work if your cleaners charge $30 each hour instead.

Equipment Purchases

A commercial cleaning business requires not just labor but equipment as well. Estimating the overall cost of equipment when starting out may be challenging, but after researching your company and industry thoroughly, estimating equipment costs should become easier.

Although a commercial vacuum cleaner or floor waxer may seem like an insignificant purchase when compared with labor costs, they are actually quite cost-effective. A commercial vacuum that lasts ten years at $200 and is used every workday will set you back $1,200 but save you $9,000 in labor expenses over that time frame.