Blackbird Dying on the Midnight Freight: A Poem

Neither too timid.

Not much of a sight. Blackbird dying on the freight how eager he was to try yet ignorant he was to die.

Searching for a last breath that is denied he dies in a simple whimper that no one will hear oh the fear that encompassed the time before his death and his life. Blackbird dying slowly on the midnight freight a shattered wing and a broken spirit is all that physically is left behind as the blackbird searches for his last inkling of hope that something could save him A grasshopper gently crosses in a field beyond his vision and he sees it not yet feels the shifting of energy as his inhalations become shallower and shallower until he feels little to nothing coming from his lungs and thinks of the fun that he will no longer experience.

Daydreaming of the teat that permitted his growth and the brother he has not seen in so long the blackbird feels himself melt away in the dewy sunshine of the spring morning that he finds himself blessed to pass away into.

His ears, oh his ears, are filled with the buzzing sounds of silence as his mind becomes empty of the remembrances of the days before him as well as the hope that tomorrow will bring another day of sunshine or rain. The blackbird lies still as all of time rushes before his eyes as his legs becomes null to the pain of flying through often harsh winds. Ostentatiously he begins to do something
more than likely will expedite his voyage from one time to another…

cargo tarif


He turns his head from side to side and decides in that second to attempt a maneuver likely to be fatal…he tries to stare the gradient ground down to hide from the world the tears that have swelled in his eyes. The brave blackbird tries and tries yet success flashes before his eyes and time seems to be a harsh widow on the brink of suicide in its temperament as the blackbird dies.

Motionless. No faced with the fear that his life will not steer his soul from the body he has grown to known the blackbird embarks on the journey of all the times he has flown and begins to groan.
Begins to groan the pain of a life in a year of the children he does not know and will not know of the mate that could have been but now can never. The freight moves faster than the light passing through the trees above his sight as he feels his life force passing by of the blackbird as he dies atop the midnight freight. How the passerby will talk of the brave blackbird with his tail high and beak low who attempted to race a midnight freight after the rains at night who miscalculated his landing and was nearly decapitated by the speed of the train…

How the little boy will notice as the strong blackbird finally looses his last breath and gently falls from the edge of the moving bullet when a deep deep tunnel is not too far long and emptiness
is all the ensues.