The subjects:

          The subject of biology is a very interesting one for many people as it gives the insights into what we see and realize with our own eyes and senses. However, mathematics is something which you have to work out to understand. That is the reason why mathematics is considered the mother of all sciences. Both these subjects need proper attention and keen study so that you can grasp the concepts better. Helping you in this objective is the ib biology so that you can master the subjects before the actual examination and come out in flying colors.

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biology TUTOR

Best study method:

  1. When it comes to these subjects, biology has to be given a different approach while mathematics yet another kind of approach.
  1. With biology you have to take into consideration the steps such as the learning the coverage of the syllabus, the key words and the specific terminology has to be studied and grasped well, and then you need to apply what you have learnt to improve your own understanding and then when you practice this with exams, then you can become confident of the subject.
  1. As far as math is concerned, you have to study the concepts, the equations have to be mastered, the analysis of what you have with you is a must and then you will have to take the practice sessions and finally the mock examinations and with this approach of the igcse mathematics, you can gain the confidence to score huge ranks.