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Get to know What is Tatras

At 6,300 feet, the mountainous slopes are clothed with spruce woods, with an alpine zone above. Bears, chamois, muskrats, and eagles are among the fauna. Many high-altitude lakes and hanging valleys, including summer and skiing and snowboarding destinations, may be found in the Tatras. The area includes two nature reserves: Tatras National Park in Poland, which covers 82 square kilometers (212 square kilometers), while Tatry National Park in Slovakia, which covers 286 sq kilometers (741 square km). The Tatra Mountains, also known as the Higher Tatras, and Polish Tatry Wysokie, are the Central Carpathians’ highest range. The mountains rise abruptly from a high plateau and stretch for around 40 miles (64 kilometers) along the Slovakian-Polish border, with widths ranging between 9 to 15 miles (14 to 24 km). About 300 summits have names and elevations, with Gerlachovsk (or Gerlach) Peak being the highest. The range resembles the Alps in appearance but lacks glaciers and permanent snowy peaks.

About men’s long down coat

Some men believe that a coat is just a coat. That’s fine enough as much as it conceals her top and keeps them warm. If you’re dealing with really cold weather, though, simply an old jacket will not be enough need someone with a construction that can withstand high temperatures. That’s precisely what we’ve got here for you: An even dozen of something like the warmest winter jackets for men,¬†mens long down coat in a variety of designs and pricing points. Manufacturers and gear nerds will discuss CLO ratings when discussing how warm a certain coat is. CLO is a measurement of how warm a garment can keep you without delving into the technical intricacies.