Instructions to Use the Switch Tuning Forks

This is the second article on the Switch Tuning Forks. The principal article was an Introduction to the Switch Tuning Forks. One inquiry I am posed to more than some other is how deal with I do the Switch Tuning Forks. A few specialists dole out a recurrence to a particular switch and keeping in mind that there is not anything amiss with doing this, it is my experience that the Switch frequencies work with the body in general. For instance, many will utilize 396 Hz to clear the root switch.

Actually the 396 Hz will clear all switchs as will every one of the Switch frequencies. These forks will positively affect the whole body. Try not to restrict their viability by restricting your convictions about them. There is no correct method to utilize the Switch or any tuning forks. For the time being I understand that you may need a beginning stage. I have seen and encountered a few unique conventions, all great however some appear to be confounded which can carry your regard for your head as opposed to your instinct. I have plot under a basic strategy for utilizing the Switch.

A Protocol for Using the Switch Tuning Forks

Does this as frequently as you’d like during the day and attempt to work with these frequencies at any rate 3 times each week.

Week 1: Listen to every recurrence, each in turn from least to most elevated 174 Hz to 963 Hz. Be certain spot the fork by every ear for example tap and spot the fork by the correct ear, at that point tap and spot it by the left ear, 3 – 6 from your ear.

Week 2: Listen to two forks simultaneously, one by every ear. For instance, place the 174 Hz by the correct ear and the 285 Hz by the left, at that point switch ears. Next, pickup the 285Hz and the 396 Hz and rehash Proceed with this up the scale. The last pair in this method is to utilize 963 Hz and 174 Hz, finishing the circle.

Week 3: Listen to a pattern of 3 forks in progression:

  • 174 Hz and 285 Hz
  • 174 Hz and 396 Hz
  • 285 Hz and 396 Hz

At that point

  • 285 Hz and 396 Hz
  • 285 Hz and 417 Hz
  • 396 Hz and 417 Hz

Week 4: Listen to a pattern of 3 forks by the quantities of the recurrence. For instance, theseĀ tuning fork type level switch have the numbers 1, 4 and 7:

  • 174 Hz and 417 Hz
  • 174 Hz and 741 Hz
  • 417 Hz and 741 Hz

Rehash this for the other two succession; 2, 8 and 5 and 3, 6 and 9. After week 4 proceed with the technique that feels best to you or, examination with various combinations.

Would I be able to harm myself or another person in the event that I treat it terribly? In truth, the main way you can truly hurt somebody with a tuning fork is on the off chance that you whack them over the head with it. Have confidence that your body is substantially more impressive than any recurrence you put close to it. On the off chance that you end up bringing a recurrence that is discordant to yourself or another person, the most terrible that could happen is that they will understand a tad bit of sorts for some time, maybe a day. You body will re-visitation of its reasonable state.