The Rich History Of Dawlance And The Wonderful Journey

It all started in the 80s, 1980 to be precise and since then it has continued to deliver quality and premium products to their citizens. Slow and gradually are turning into a global brand, now having a footprint in over 140 Countries. Being able to run the business for such a long period of time with such expertise and finesse needs a leader who can handle such conditions. The founder of Dawlance, bashir dawood has been the main person who has sailed this ship of the company and helped it reach the stage it is currently in.

bashir dawood

The timeline of achievements

Right after they began operations, they got into the business of manufacturing homegrown refrigerators and continued to do so for the next 15 years after getting into making window AC, Microwave ovens and Washing machines. Then gradually moving forward they acquired the ISO Certifications which made their products more reliable and people could trust more. Then came the phase where they started revamping the already existing products to make it better and as per the changing technology. Things were going well, all the needed upgrades were happening on time and the people of Pakistan were happy, but there are times when things do not go as planned and in order to expand the business further, the company decided to get Dawlance acquired by a Turkey based organization named Arcelik. Now there are multiple products made locally from Pakistan which are now exported to Turkey and other Countries all over the world. In the process of expanding the business the global workforce has increased ten folds and currently stands at 30,000 plus employees. The company firmly believes in the pillars of their success which are Respect, Integrity and Teamwork which are the binding force of the brand.