The secrets of buying the best wood charcoals

Since the writer is considered an expert in the art of barbecue, he’s often asked what sort of wood or charcoal use. Not sure have the experience to be considered the barbecue guru but this is a question can answer from experience. Let Us see the difference between grilling and barbecuing. To the purist, barbecue is ‘slow and low’. The perfect temperature for smoking is 225 to 250 degrees F. Now there are a couple of men out there most notably Myron Mix on with Jacks Old South BBQ group that cooks fast and high with outstanding results. In reality at the time of this writing, feel that Myron is tied to the barbecue championships at Memphis with Chris Lily from Big Bob Gibson’s in May. Most men subscribe to cooking in the temps for the barbecue.


Grilling On the other hand is done at temps. A normal charcoal grill can operate 350-450 degrees and a ceramic cooker Big Green Egg can go over 1000 degrees. This is wonderful for cooking steaks, pork chops and hamburgers. In reality we and Weber style charcoal grill for my cuts of meat. Not reduced cooking in any respect, although my gas grill needed a new burner for the better part of 18 months. Charcoal Briquettes we all know Kingsford right are amazing for cooking hot and quick. Briquettes light burn well and faster. The site gives the best charcoal for burning gives off taste to be better than cooking in a pan or in the oven. Rarely do use briquettes any longer because not or if taste it, taste chemicals. When pressed together to maintain their form briquettes use fillers and binders. The drawback to using briquettes is. When compared to using timber, in my experience, the left is at least 5 to 1.

So that brings me. Wood for cooking comes in two forms. Chops or wood logs and what is referred to. Barbecue smokers may hold logs with no problems, but that is not feasible for grills or smokers. The Finest choice is hardwood lump charcoal. This is where chunks of timber have been pre-burned and cooled bagged available. What you have got is real wood, but simple burn and to begin. Hardwood lump charcoal gives off tons of smoke as much or more than if you are burning entire logs, and it has a tendency to burn for extended periods of time at the ideal temperature and with constant temps. 1 advantage to using lump charcoal is. There’s not much left in the end as there are no fillers, binders or compounds. My smoker ran for 5 days and used about 40 pounds of lump charcoal. There was less than a quart jar of leftover. would have measured in gallons. This could be a problem with a smoker that is smaller. Buildup makes it difficult to keep consistent temperatures and can restrict the amount of air.