The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Kitchen Appliances: Taking Your Cooking to New Heights

Commercial kitchen equipment streamlines cooking, cleaning and other restaurant procedures in both low- and high-volume operations. It can also help restaurants meet health and sanitation requirements.

Food warmers and holding cabinets keep dishes at their ideal serving temperatures. They’re a must for buffets, concession stands, and to-go lunch venues.

Garbage Bins

A stainless-steel countertop garbage bin is an inexpensive, long-lasting way to keep trash and food scraps out of sight. It’s “a much better option than plastic,” says Strategist senior editor Jessie Sheehan, who keeps one of these Brabantia cans in her kitchen. The front flips open with a tap, and the can’s angled top makes it easier to keep garbage bags full and odors in check. Plus, it’s easy to wipe down when messes occur. (Look for ones with a smudgeproof finish.)

Sheehan also likes this metal can that has separate openings for trash and recycling. Its minimal design blends in well with her white-tile kitchen.

Ice Cream Machines

Stainless steel countertop ice cream machines make it easy to add popular menu items at your restaurant, cafe, or diner. These high-capacity appliances produce ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet quickly, so you can keep up with demand during peak hours. They also provide an attractive addition to your foodservice establishment’s kitchen décor and are easy to clean.

Choose from different models that can be used to make traditional ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato. Some ice cream makers have a built-in compressor that saves freezer space by eliminating the need to pre-freeze the mixing bowl beforehand. Other models have a churning paddle that moves through the ice cream base as it freezes, which creates a unique soft serve texture.

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Before buying an ice cream maker, consider how often you’ll use it and what type of ice cream you want to make. If you plan on making ice cream only occasionally, you can opt for a canister-style machine that requires freezing the canister overnight before using it. For more frequent use, go for a model with a built-in compressor that can churn and freeze the mixture simultaneously. This eliminates the need to pre-freeze the insulated bowl and allows for more frequent use. This can also help you cut down on prep time and maximize productivity.

Panini Presses

A panini press can cook sandwiches, quesadillas, and other foods. Some models have grooved plates that leave grill marks on popular menu items like grilled chicken and steak for an appealing appearance, ideal in operations that don’t use a traditional grill. Others have flat plates that provide full-contact cooking for foods such as burgers and sandwiches.

Choose a model that suits your establishment’s needs and budget by determining the volume of products you want to produce each hour and how much counter space you can dedicate to a panini press. You may also need to determine whether you want additional features such as a timer to track cook times, nonstick plates for easy food release and cleaning, or a USB port for customized recipes.

Stainless steel tu hap com cong nghiep countertop panini presses are suitable for high-volume eateries and can accommodate many different foods, including grilled sandwiches and quesadillas. Some models have adjustable back feet and drip trays for grease drainage. You can even find units with ribbed plates that are durable and resistant to carbon buildup. Some feature floating hinges that adjust to various heights so you can place a sandwich or other food at an appropriate level for pressing. Aluminum plates are an economical choice, while cast iron and Vitroceramic plate options offer durability and easy clean-up.