Understanding steel wire rope Cable Fire Ratings

Much the same as copper links, NEC National Electrical Code requires indoor fiber optic links be set apart with their fire and smoking appraisals. NEC requires all indoor fiber links be stamped accurately and introduced appropriately for its proposed use.  As per NEC, a structure’s inside region is separated into three sorts of segments: plenums, risers and universally useful zones.

steel wire rope

A Plenum region is a structure space utilized for wind stream or air appropriation framework. In many structures, the region over a drop roof or under a raised floor is utilized as the air return wellspring of air for the cooling. Those drop roof and raised floors are additionally where fiber links are regularly introduced. In the event that those links were consuming, they would radiate harmful exhaust and the vapor would be taken care of to the remainder of the structure by the climate control system. Therefore, individuals could be harmed despite the fact that they are far from the fire.

A Riser region is a story opening, shaft or channel that runs vertically through at least one story OFNP represents Optical Fiber Nonconductive Plenum. OFNP links have imperviousness to fire and low smoke creation attributes. They can be introduced in pipes, plenums and different spaces utilized for building wind stream. This is the most elevated fire rating fiber link and no other link types can be utilized as substitutes.

OFCP Cables:

OFCP represents Optical Fiber Conductive Plenum. OFCP links have a similar fire and smoking rating as OFNP links yet they have a leading protective layer or focal quality part which is typically steel. OFCP links must be appropriately grounded at the moc cau hang, OFCP links cannot be introduced in a similar link plate or conductor as force links.

OFNR Cables:

OFNR represents Optical Fiber Nonconductive Riser. OFNR links are utilized in Riser regions which are building vertical shafts or runs starting with one story then onto the next floor. OFNR links cannot be introduced in plenum zones since they do not have the necessary fire and smoking rating as Plenum appraised links. OFNP plenum links can be utilized alternative for OFNR links.

OFCR Cables:

OFCR represents Optical Fiber Conductive Riser. OFCR links have a similar fire rating qualities as OFNR links however they have directing defensive player or focal quality part which is generally steel. OFCR links ought to likewise be appropriately grounded at the two finishes. OFCP links can be utilized alternative for OFCR links. OFCR links cannot be introduced in indistinguishable link plate or conductors from power links.

OFNG Cables:

OFNG represents Optical Fiber Nonconductive General-Purpose. They are ordinarily utilized in even cabling, single floor applications. OFNG links cannot be utilized in plenums or risers. OFNP and OFNR links both can be utilized alternative for OFNG links.