Underwater world with Snorkel mask

Snorkeling is a fancy word for breathing underwater when floating.  It is the heavenly experience of weightlessness, once the human body relinquishes all fear, all negativity, and your eyes take your head via an inverted bubble as you wade through channels of friendly fish, lurking lobsters, flowering sea lovers, colourful corals, sea turtles, quiet and slothful sea cucumbers, sleeping sea beams, and colossal green and enormous hawksbill sea turtles. Imagine you just got a personal invitation from an animated sea creature to go on a tour through a giant fish tank the size of a football field. That is what a snorkeling experience is to people who never experienced the natural high that snorkeling supplies.

Learn to Snorkel: Simple Keys:

Key number 1: Never say you cannot swim or you cannot snorkel in the presence of full face goggle. Assuming that physically you have the ability to, the only reason you cannot swim is that maybe you were never taught; the sole reason you cannot snorkel is that maybe you never tried. So start to see the Discovery Channel and watch the beauty and simplicity whereby the human body will glide through water as it is at its most relaxed state.

Key number 2.  Snorkeling is a fancy word for being able to breathe comfortably under water. So a suitable fitting mask is crucial for ensuring that water does not seep through. A tube fits under the strap of the mask and protrudes above the water’s surface to let you breathe in air through your mouth, because the mask is constructed in such a way your nose fits within the mask. You first aim is to be certain the open tip of this snorkel does not go under water as you are taking in air. Before you put on a mask, in the comfort of your house hold your nose and, learn how to breathe through your mouth while holding your nose.

Key number 3. When shopping for, or leasing a mask, ensure that your mask fits. Most Caribbean resorts especially those known for beaches with reefs–have their own snorkel gear available for guests.

Not all Caribbean resorts have great snorkeling from their adjoining shore. Some organize boat trips to reefs; others do not have the type of apparent Visibility required for snorkeling. Do your own research; read the guests comments on their web sites. As a person who has snorkelled from the Caribbean, Pacific Isles, and the Mediterranean, my favourite places are: Barbuda, Bequeath, And Antigua.